Historic GT & Touring cars mod for rFactor

Historic GT & Touring cars mod for rFactor 1.9

Historic GT and Touring cars are now available for rFactor
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HistorX mod team

Racing has been part of motor vehicles since their very conception. It is in the blood of many people and it has been there for years. As time goes by, people ofter recall the old racing cars that provided excitement for everyone. Of these people came the HistorX Mod team, and they decided to bring historic GT and Touring cars into rFactor.

The team took several models from Simbin's GT Legends game. However they redesigned the physics, skins, models, sounds and media for this release. The game includes many racing cars from the 1960's and the 1970's. In total, there are about 47 different models with over 250 paint jobs. The game also tries to emulate the 2004-2006 FIA's Historic Car seasons, with the same livery as they raced in those years. You have a range of GT cars and Touring cars that may strike a memory or two if you were following racing for a while. There are cars such as the 60's Corvette and GT40, Porsches and others - there are just too many to write a list of them. The physics are great, and it has tons of nice features. The only real problem with the mod is that you need a GT Legends CD to play it, because it has GTL models. Other than that, you should try this mod specially if you like old-time racing.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great models of classic racing cars


  • Complex installation
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